Westhampton century

Scott Gross

For those of you who are riding or interested in doing the B+ route for the Westhampton century, I took the liberty of editing the route slightly so that we all end up at the brake at the same time. We will be adding a couple of miles at the front end of the ride, and then following John's route to West Hampton. However, instead of doing the extra Ten Mile Loop to Cupsogue Beach and turning around , we will be going directly to West Hampton Village. There we will meet up with the A group for lunch. The B+ group will have a net Century exactly, while the A group will have a 107 mile ride 

By all arriving at the brake at the same time we have the option for those that want to go faster can join the A group for the return home as well as those who feel the need to drop to a slightly slower Pace can join the B+ group for their way home. Likewise we will be following the exact same route for both groups on the way back. Any stragglers that drop off the A group on the return ride we can pick up on the B+ ride. I discussed this with John and he is in agreement

I updated the Ride with GPS route on the website with the new route. You can also copy it from here:


There are still a couple of slots open for both groups for those interested. See you tomorrow


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