Sticky Huntington Bicycle Club's RWGPS Account

Malachy OConnor

The Huntington Bicycle Club has a RWGPS Club account. This account is available to all current HBC members. All members receive an invitation to join this account with your welcome letter from Sal Levy after joining the club. The HBC club account contains over 150 routes. These routes can be used on your smartphone using turn by turn directions. They can also be accessed on a computer where you can look at the route in more detail and even print out cue sheets and maps. However only our two RWGPS Chairpersons , Dan Panzenback and Jeff Erlitz, can add, delete or modify the routes in the club Route Library.

Some of the features that you can access with the club account include:

·         Voice Navigation in our mobile app

·         Offline Maps in our mobile app

·         PDF Maps + Cue sheets

·         Advanced Turn Notifications with TCX files

·         Estimated time

·         Copy a route to your personal account


In order to get the most out of these club routes it works best in conjunction with a personal account. After joining the HBC account,  you will see an HBC logo in your personal account Dashboard. When you click on that logo you will then be able to access the club routes as well as the routes you have created. After opening a route, you will be able to copy the route to your routes. The level of your account will depend on what you can then do with the route.

There is a link on the HBC website that is a subpage of the Rides and Meetings page. This link will bring you to the club RWGPS page.

On this page if you click on “Member Features” it will bring you to a page with more information and videos about RWGPS.