B/B+ ride Saturday. Heads up

Lou Bruno

Hi All,

Just a heads up...all group rides appear to have have been cancelled by the Lancaster Bike Club of which I am a member.  Also...YORK COUNTY BIKE CLUB.
These are year round rides.

This is for information only what other clubs are doing as it relates to group rides.   

Note:    We are on a total STATE lockdown in the area with 2 patients confirmed with the virus in the county ... ........which my be short lived before more.😪

We did a group ride last weekend.    ALL stood back a considerable distance but at this point appears no more group rides.  

 In closing......Be careful of involuntary coughing, expectorants and nostril clearing etc. when riding with others.

 Good luck.   Be safe.  Be aware. Be careful.


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On Mar 20, 2020, at 12:45 PM, Malachy OConnor <malachyo@...> wrote:

These rides are not official club rides. Each rider must make their own decision to ride with a group or not.

At least that is my opinion.



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JUST FYI - Still at work but according to recent alert, all group sports are canceled. Not certain if that applies to our rides. 




On Mar 20, 2020, at 12:27 PM, Jeffrey Erlitz <jefferlitz@...> wrote:

Be aware, Caumsett has been overrun with people this past week since there’s nothing else for families to do with themselves. I did one lap at Caumsett on Wednesday and last Sunday and the crowding was about the same. There will also be noticeably more traffic on West Neck Rd to and from Caumsett but traffic is much lighter east of Caumsett. I was able to do around a 8-10 mph pace on the Caumsett loop.



On Mar 20, 2020, at 10:56 AM, Sal Levy <sallevy@...> wrote:


Any interest in a B/B+ combo to Caumsett and Target Rock; express 36 ish miles with a quick stop at Caumsett? 9:00 departurefrom Smith St.  I will post a route later.