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Jeffrey Erlitz

Correct, only the 2017 and 2018 Gold Coast routes are in the club’s RWGPS Route Library. I can certainly add the 2019 routes to them.

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The 2018 and 2019 Gold Coast Routes are on a RWGPS group called ‘GC19’.  This is a public group on the RWGPS website that you can join and then get access to all of the routes.  
There are also some interesting alternative routes there too and some of the routes in reverse that were primarily done for SAG wagons.
I also have another group on RWGPS called ‘HBC Club Rides AJ’.  This is where I put routes before the club had an account on RWGPS.  Don’t know if Jeff or Dan put these routes on the club account, but you’re welcome to use them if they interest you.
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I’m logged on to the club site. 
I’m trying to get gps files for the last rendition of the Gold Coast ride but only see a few rides that were done by John Greene and the great Larry Denbaum. I seem to recall a much more extensive library the last time I logged on. 
Alternatively could someone email me the ridewithgps files?

Jonathan “Yoni ” Stern

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