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This ride will start at 9. Please lmk if you’d like to join. 


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Please join me tomorrow, January 2nd for Frank Del Balso's Huntington Beach Ride. It's "only 39.1 miles and 2351 feet of climbing," but Frank claims that the climbing is harder than his Hilly Hell ride. If Frank is out there in the ether, perhaps he'd like to join us.

This is a scouting/recon ride so that I can learn the route for future rides. We will ride at a B pace, climbing all hills at our own paces and regrouping periodically. Stops will be short and mostly outdoors so bring adequate pocket food and potable fluids.

All HBC Covid-19 Guidelines apply. I also respectively ask that once we meet at the Smith Street Lot, face masks should be worn whenever we are not rolling or when passing through congested areas where social distancing can't be maintained.

Please make sure that your bike is in good repair and that your bring two spares and a pump or CO2 cartridges.

The ride is limited to 9 riders plus your leader.

We will startly promptly at 8:30 AM start at the Smith Street parking lot.

I can be reached at 516-695-9971 if you have any questions.

Jonathan "Yoni" Stern

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