Special Thanks To Frank Del Balso For Lending Us Your Hilly He## Ride

Jonathan Stern <Dovandyoni@...>

I wanted to send out a special thanks to Frank Del Balso for lending his Hilly He## ride to me and three other NYCC friends. We modified the ride to start at the Syosset LIRR station, but included all of the unending series of short, steep climbs. Several us are preparing for a particularly hilly multi-day charity ride in the north of Israel that is slated to take place in October of 2021 and we plan on including the route as part of our training,

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By the way, if it's above 32 Fahrenheit, the roads are (mostly) clear of snow and ice and you have proper gear, you can definitely get out on the road.

Stay safe, have a Happy New Year and thanks again to Frank.

All the best,
Jonathan "Yoni" Stern

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