HBC Covid-19 Reguations

John Greene

Please adhere to the following rules when meeting at the start of any official HBC ride:

  • All riders must have masks and wear them when meeting at the lot. Riders not wearing a face mask at the ride start will not be included in any group ride. Masks may be removed once the ride is in progress and proper distancing is being maintained
  • Proper social distancing of at least 6 feet should always be maintained at the start and during the ride, including rest stops, red lights, stop signs, “mechanical” stops, etc. Where this is not possible, face coverings (masks, Buffs, neck gaiters, etc.) should be worn and “up".
  • No more than 8 people in a group ride; If more than 8 show up for the same ride, two or more separate rides should go out.

I have noticed that many members are not putting on a mask when entering the lot at Smith Street.Those who have complied with the rules have stated that they feel very uneasy when they themselves are wearing a mask and others are not.

Again, please everyone get into the habit of donning your mask as soon as you enter the lot and wearing it until your ride starts.

John Greene

VP/Ride Chairman

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