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Kenneth Schack

I have used Frogs from Speedplay for over 20 years.  They are technically a mountain bike pedal but are lighter than 99% of road bike pedals.


Other advantages of these pedals:

1.       The cleats are recessed so you can walk comfortably in your shoes.

2.       They are two sided so you can clip in to either surface.

3.       They have a lot of float which means that you can turn your feed inward or outward while pedaling without clipping out. This is why I originally bought them. I first tried SPD’s but got knee pain because they did not have much float and I have a tendency to not keep my legs straight when pedaling. You will see a lot of this if you pay attention to riders in front of you in a pace line.

4.       No maintenance.

5.       Easy to clip in and out

Ken Schack 


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I have never owned clip in pedals and looking to upgrade to them now (before spring).

Can anyone recommend the best type or brand for a road bike?

Larry Wilson 

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