Re: New Ride Calendar on HBC Website

Sal Levy


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On Aug 3, 2020, at 9:25 PM, Cheryl Laiken via <chlaiken@...> wrote:

Sorry to annoy you again, but I can't find that link to list rides. Could you please send it? Promise, I will bookmark it this time.
On Sunday, August 2, 2020, 09:33:16 AM EDT, Malachy OConnor <malachyo@...> wrote:

With the opening of club rides we also have a new ride calendar. The ride calendar is now live on the HBC website. This calendar works different from our previous calendar.

  • First you will notice that there are three tabs at the top with three views: Calendar, Map(start location) and Ride list view
  • From any of these views if you hover your mouse or a ride a quick summary box appears with some information about the ride.
  • If you click on a ride a box opens with information and a blue box that says Details
  • Click the Details box and you will see more details about the ride. This page depends on how much information the ride leader entered.
  • The information can include: Category, Surface, Mileage, Elevation, Start location with a link to Google maps, a link to the Weather at the start,  a link to the RWGPS route if available, the name, cell# and email address of the ride leader(s), a Description of the ride and possibly a related picture
  • After viewing the ride Details you can either click your Back button or select “All club rides” near the top of the window

Hint when viewing this calendar on a mobile device you can expand the page or better yet rotate your phone to landscape mode for better viewing.



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