Re: Smith Street Lot

Richard Meyer

For weeks now, on Saturday mornings at 8:30, B rides have been leaving Greenlawn. 
This past Saturday, yesterday, the B ride would have had 15 riders. So, the riders, split it to two Rides. 
There have been other faster rides also. 


On Jul 25, 2020, at 4:57 PM, Gerald Widen <Gerry_w@...> wrote:

There was barely anyone at the lot today.  No C, C+ or B riders. The only B+ riders were Matt and myself. 

There were 3 A+ riders that must have arranged to ride at 8a via email. They offered Matt and I to join them but there was no way we could keep up with them on their ride to Stoney Brook.

Matt and I rode to Center Island and Bayville and I can’t recall seeing more groups out riding. 

Multiple groups from Massapequa, 2 large groups from Mineola including what appeared to be a C+ level group and 2 from the LIBC. Also many groups of different sizes I couldn’t identify. About 4-5 riders said hello to me in passing.

I know out in Suffolk the SBRA had 11 scheduled rides today and only 5 tomorrow because today was the better day.

My point here is being the only bike club on Long Island without scheduled rides isn’t working. 

Maybe it works for those that secretly organize rides via email that eliminates the rest of the club members works for that select few. 

Basically in my view anyone planning to go out to the lot to try to join a ride will most likely be riding solo. Be prepared with extra tubes and CO2

I don’t understand why the HBC is the only club on LI without scheduled rides and probably in the Metropolitan area as well. What do we know that no other club doesn’t seem to understand?


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