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Sal Levy

Good advice Lou. This is a really virulent strain, hardy and very communicable. Take no chances. The only way to stop it is to deprive it of hosts until it dies on all infected surfaces and is no longer communicable. 

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On Mar 23, 2020, at 9:55 AM, Lou Bruno <gocycle@...> wrote:

Jim Perini is 100% correct.    But may not pertain to the impromptu pre-season rides.

The issue, as John Greene states, is the fact that the current rides are impromptu in nature thus not sanctioned rides.  Basically, it’s your call to ride with a group, partner-up or solo.

Personally and what my current club in Lancaster is advising among members is to suggest solo rides for the  current time.  

 Yes, we all get the urge to ride with our friends, but using common sense also prevails....even riding with a partner ......WHY? involuntary cough...or involuntary sneeze....downwind or even upwind.....there  just may be a bed (hopefully) and ventilator waiting for you.  

PLEASE....Think of the ramifications of a decision by you or a ride organizer and the possible perils of getting a respiratory distress that will/may effect your cycling season past this unfortunate panademic. 

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On Mar 22, 2020, at 10:08 PM, Jim Perini via Groups.Io <pmi177@...> wrote:

In the current environment it might make sense for the club officers and the board to give some direction here, exactly what our official club platforms can and cannot  be used for during this crisis. There is much to consider on both sides. Heard a powerful quote tonight, “our only weapon is our behavior.”
Be safe, love you guys

Jimmy P

On Mar 22, 2020, at 9:29 PM, Larry Denbaum <ldenbaum@...> wrote:

I like Michaels idea and if we ride in pairs this would make riding much less risky for both getting the virus and safety on the road.  We could meet and pair up at the lot.  If there was an odd number then one group would have 3 riders.   The riders would need to give a sizable distance and agree not to come down if they were not feeling 100%.  I encourage additional feedback on this thread to see who would be interested/not interested in riding this way for the near future.  At anytime the current situation may change and we will either be riding together as a group again or this suggestion could be out of the question.

On Sat, Mar 21, 2020 at 5:32 PM Michael Gold <eyebikester@...> wrote:
A thought- for all rides, whether from Breezy or Greenlawn (and they would remain unofficial rides), perhaps in the interest of safety, people can show up and then leave the lot two by two. These would be express rides, no bunching at traffic lights or stop signs and each rider in the pair of two would be responsible for maintaining the appropriate physical distance. Similarly, if a flat or mechanical were to occur, the individual rider would be responsible for the repair. At least, in pairs, we may be more visible to cars and the like. There are very few cars out but the drivers are not expecting to see bikes/joggers/walkers etc.
There may be, quite frankly, some logistics to figure out- primarily, pairing riders of similar ability and requirements. Some rides might need to be shorter and destination does not have to be the same for all ride pairs. And of course, there is an element of trust that no one will show up that even suspects an exposure.
This may not be a workable or even a sensible idea so if shot down, I take no offense. There may be aspects to it that I have not considered. 
Anyway, to all-Be safe.


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