Re: Ride for health, ride for life and ride for optimism to end this...all of this!

David Hirsch

AMEN Brother Gonzalo! Thanks for sharing your gift and your perspective. 

David Hirsch

On Mar 21, 2020, at 9:05 AM, Gonzalo Poblete via Groups.Io <gonzalo.poblete@...> wrote:

No matter what, there's nothing like riding alone. Focus on yourself, be mindful of others and come back safe home. If you happen to see someone on a bike, wave ! Say hello! Wave to someone on the street walking,  driving, etc. By doing this we calm ourselves and  others to keep the sanity alive. If we all help to maintain our patience, just as we're doing,  but for the long run we can beat this.
Years from now, we will look back and think of what we went through, how much closer it brought us together with our families and friends, how much we began to value the little things,  the simple things such as looking at a meal in front of us while looking at what's around us at that same table. Your family! 
We can make this work if we're all in. Just a thought. 

Life is beautiful, live it, love it!
Gonzalo Poblete 
Stay safe everyone. 

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