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Harvey Miller

The only problems I foresee with an ebike charging station is that each ebike has a particular male connector and the voltage/amps vary significantly. Most ebike companies warn the customer to only use the charger that comes with the ebike (and, yes, I realize that a sophisticated user can work outside those bounds).

Harvey Miller

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Hi All,

I had the pleasure of attending two days at the InnoTrans 2022 trade fair in Berlin, Germany two weeks ago. This is a biennial international trade fair for transport technology. Though mostly concerned with rail transport (I was in the industry for 39 years!) there was this one exhibit (at least, I didn’t see any others) for the bicycle world from an Austrian company called Merokey.

This is a combination locking and charging station. Merokey has been making bicycle locking stations for a while, I would guess, but this new item can also charge e-bikes.

What will they think of next?!?!?

Jeff Erlitz

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