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Mike Shapiro

I wasn’t talking about only ride leaders. In fact, from my perspective, I was really talking about non-leaders. 

Mike Shapiro 

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I totally agree. I'm really amazed when Ride Leaders not only don't have their photo but have their ID in private mode. Sheesh! If it's because people are concerned about privacy issues here's some news: If you own a home, have a bank account, a driver's license, etc., etc. your privacy is gone, at least in ways you may define privacy.
It takes hardly any effort or time to put in your photo.

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Hi all,

I notice that most members do not have a photo posted of them in their bios (and many members have restricted access to their bios altogether.)

As a ride leader, it would be nice if I could view photos of my riders to familiarize myself with them in advance of a ride. So, why not post a photo of yourself?

Just a thought...

Happy biking!

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