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Harvey Miller

Hi Ken,

Gee, I was thinking something similarly for 2022 so here's what I've got so far:

I bought the Erie Canal book for the latest on that part, my estimated gps route (with the places to stay marked out) which can be found at this link:

Erie Canal Route with Inn and Motel stops

I also have the old FANY ride route, slightly modified by me (and not as nice but more off the trails) route here:

Modified FANY route

A good listing of places that are bicycle friendly along the west-east route can be found here:

Places to Stay along the Erie Canal Route

As far as a somewhat complete listing of what to bring (note, customized to my needs like a mini CPAP machine, etc.) here 'tis:



Helmet (bring helmet front shades for

Sweat caps for under the helmet heat
control (2)

Glasses (Sun and regular) with cycling


Cycling Jersey (2)

Cycling Gloves (appropriate for the
expected weather)

Base layer shirt

Arm warmers
Armless lightweight wind

Cycling gloves

Heart monitor (make sure batteries are
good to go)

Cell Phone.

Pepper spray for animal attacks.

Water proof backpack, ERGON (or
panniers on bicycle).

Cash, Credit Card, Driver's License
Medical Card
Baby Wipes
Tubeless Tire repair kits (2


Cycling Shoes

Cycling Pants (2)

Leg warmers

Cycling Socks (2)


All extra clothes for cycling

All clothing for off bicycle use.

Underpants, Undershirts, Two section
pants, swim shorts,

Rain Clothes: pants, jacket, helmet
cover, shoe cover, helmet extension to prevent rain from hitting
one's glasses.

Pants cuff protector (preferably
nylon-reflective) for riding with pants on after hours (to and from a
restaurant for instance)

Lightweight Lock

Mini travel CPAP machine (waterless)
and hoses, etc.

Multi Battery Charger for lights,
camera, phone, Radar and GPS/head unit with cables.

Power Bars and Gels (for quick energy
and electrolytes while riding) (4-10)

Swim Suit

Shirt for dinner.

Moccasins (waterproof bottoms) or
around town highly compressible or foldable shoes.

Headlamp for reading and navigating in
the motel room at night (without wakening your roommate).

Socks for evening wear.

Hat (for rain protection after hours)

Beret and/or rain hat.

Large Plastic Bags (2) for sweat filled
items, electrical items, old smelly clothes, etc.


First Aid Kit

Insect Repellent

Butt butter (ointment)

Toiletries (miniaturized versions of
deodorant, etc., hard soap that can be used as shampoo and body soap,
comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, make-up, medicines, vitamins, vitamin
and medicine water proof container, soap in water proof container,
shaving accessories (if over 2 days)), hand sanitizer

Home door keys and/or car keys if
needed to return via vehicle.

Spare disc brake pads.

Chain lube.

Tire Sealant.

Daily medicines.

Cloth to clean bicycle.

Small Head Light (fits on your head,
for reading, etc.)


Bicycle fitted to carry two water
bottles and bring at least 2 water bottles.

Swiss Army Knife and bicycle specific
tools and parts. MULTITOOL (If using clipless pedals, bring pedal and
cleat screws. If using SPD clipless pedals, bring an extra shoe SPD
fitting. Extra spokes maybe, too).

Rain Fenders.

GPS, cycling computer programmed with
all needed maps and turns along route.

Front and rear daytime running lights

Tools, tubes (2), CO2 (3), CO2 “pump”,
Medical Card, Credit Card, cash, ID, emergency contacts list.

Saddle Bag filled with repair items.

Bicycle Pump

Radar Unit


Copy of health insurance

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I am investigating riding the EST from Buffalo to NYC (or to Montauk) sometime in 2022. I ordered a trail guide from Parks and Trails New York guidebooks/cycling-the-erie-canal but I was wondering if anyone had experience with this ride. 31% of the ride is not on roads so I have a gravel bike (38 mm tires) that I intended to use for the ride. I am considering May or September for the ride with other family members and friends. Any suggestions for equipment or places to stay would be appreciated. Thinking of starting with Buffalo to NYC and then riding the Albany to Canada segment later in the year. Would spring or fall be better? Thanks for your help, look forward to an actual meeting in March at the Library with Pizza,


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