Ride to St. James

Mike Shapiro

Hi all,

I’m leading a C+ ride to St. James on the 28th. I’d like to choose the “easiest” route, since it’s a somewhat challenging ride for a C+ rider. Dan created one in 2017 (32.7 miles, 848 feet); Hugh created one last year (35.5 miles, 746 feet); and I was a rider on a route last September 5th led by either Susan F or Dan (I don’t remember…), which was 35.2 miles and 902 feet ACTUAL elevation gain. I don’t see that route when I search RWGPS. (Note: actual elevation gain on a ride is about 1/3 greater than projected when created by RWGPS.)

I’m thinking perhaps Hugh’s route may be the easiest (lowest elevation gain per mile).

What do you all think?

If anybody has a link to a St. James ride you would recommend as “easiest”, please send me a link for RWGPS. Thanks!

Mike Shapiro